Up a Sock Without a Needle

Greetings from South Louisiana, where it is so humid that I cannot currently see out of the windows in my house, with all the condensation.  Whoever invented the air conditioner ought to be canonized.

Still not much to blog about, although there should be soon with football starting.  Just the usual things.  Knitting.  Reading.  Eating things I shouldn’t.  Further chaos and overtime at the office.

I recently finished a Square Rainbow baby blanket in record time for a co-worker, in LSU team colors.  With the five stripes, it works out well with three stripes of the main color and two stripes of the accent color, on a white background to keep it more light and babyish.  Except to increase at the end of every other row, change colors every 12 rows, and seam it together at the end, it is a mindless project.  And a slam dunk gift for parents who are sports fans.  Unfortunately, as diligent as I was about completing the blanket in record time, I was less than diligent about taking a picture.

I also finished a Terpsichore Street scarf/shawlette for myself using a skein of Theodora’s Pearls.  I had never done anything with fishnet lace or a picot edge before, but they were somewhat of a bother, especially because I was trying to work with a needle two sizes bigger on the edge to keep it from being too tight.  As much as I wanted to do this pattern in Saints colors, the fleur de lis pattern might show up better in a solid color.  However it still feels nice and I was pretty happy with it as something to give myself a little flair on game day.  And I did finish it in time to wear for the first preseason game.



When the starters were on the field at the beginning of the game, the Saints were looking good.  And the Bears have won their first two preseason games.  Hopefully this bodes well for the upcoming season to be better than last year.

After finishing the Terpsichore Street, I eagerly dug into the stash I accumulated from the Shop Hop and pulled out a skein of Lorna’s Laces in Mardi Gras colors to make a pair of basic top down crew socks for Valiant Husband.  After trying the Old Norwegian cast-on recommended by the author of the Getting Started Knitting Socks book, I decided that I preferred the tubular cast-on, and Valiant Husband agreed.  So I started the sock over.  Then I decided that Valiant Husband would likely prefer the weave to be more dense, so I should go down from a size two needle to a size one.  So I started the sock over again.  Then I realized that I may be short on yardage to complete the socks in Valiant Husband’s size, especially since he wanted me to use a double thickness on the heel and toe.  He agreed that doing a block of solid color on the heel and toe and a band at the top might give the socks some flair, and I felt it would adequately stretch my yardage.  Cue the visit to Helpful Shop Owner who sold me a ball of Sock Ease in royal purple.  Along with a ball of yellow Regia since I will have so much purple left that it seemed like an orphan until I paired it with the yellow so I can make a pair of LSU Tassukat socks for myself.  She also happened to have some Wildfoote in perfect Saints colors so I am going to have to make another pair of socks once Valiant Husband graphs out the fleur de lis to go on the heel.

Anyway, I was finally merrily knitting away on the socks.  I could hardly put them down all weekend.  It called for eight inches until you started the heel, so I got to eight inches last night.  I slipped in a lifeline so I can tear the heel back to that point as I fiddle with the fit.  He tried them on and compared them to his other, store-bought socks, and decided he was satisfied so far.  I assured Valiant Husband that once I have one sock that is perfect for him, I will keep notes so I can make him socks in any color he might ever want.  So I picked up with a double thickness of the Sock Ease and started the heel, a flat stockinette heel as he requested.  Then this happened.


So now the socks are on hold until Valiant Husband can acquire superglue and try to fix my needle.  If he is not able to fix them I am very disappointed in these Knitter’s Pride Carbonz, since I have only made one pair of socks with them so far!  I also hope it is not a matter of the double thickness, either, because I want to do that for the extra durability he wants.  I am not sure I would be blogging if I was still on a roll with my knitting, haha.

Time to get to work.  I seriously hope that Boss Man didn’t leave me 19 tapes like he did last Monday, and that this week is more low key than the last!


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