Deep South Shop Hop, Stop 4: The French Knot, Diamondhead, MS July 11, 2015

Sorry it has taken me so long for this update on the yarn crawl.  Boss Man and Boss Lady haven’t let up.  I have also been trying to be a Good Megan and catch up on some things around the house.  (And get Valiant Husband on board, when he easily defaults to spending the weekend napping in the recliner).  And I wanted to take time for a thorough post with all of the pictures and hyperlinks.

Anyway…my fourth stop on the Shop Hop was The French Knot in Diamondhead, Mississippi, which is about an hour outside New Orleans.


The store has moved into a new location since the only other time I stopped by to check it out.  The new location is larger, with two rooms of regular price yarn and another room of sale yarn.  Lovely variety of weights, colors, and textures.  Unfortunately, after all of the other yarn I purchased on the yarn crawl, I didn’t see anything that I absolutely had to have at the moment.  Even on sale.  However, I did get a great deal on these pattern books, which will hopefully give me lots of ideas for all of the yarn I have accumulated in my stash.


And of course I received the stamp on my passport!


It was almost time for lunch, and one of the ladies at the shop recommended a sports bar called “The Red Zone” that was just down the street.  (No web site available to link to).  They had a Hawaiian burger seasoned with teriyaki, with pineapple and mushrooms on it.  I would have never thought of putting those three things together on a burger, but I like teriyaki, pineapple, and mushrooms, so I decided to try it.  Sooo glad I did…



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