Deep South Shop Hop, Stop Two: Knits by Nana in Baton Rouge, LA, June 27, 2015


My second stop on the Shop Hop was Knits by Nana in Baton Rouge, which is about an hour Northwest of New Orleans.  Valiant Husband and I made this excursion in conjunction with Softball Mom friend’s daughter playing in a softball tournament just outside of Baton Rouge.  The day did not start well, as my low tire pressure light came on as we were crossing the lake the previous evening.  We diligently stopped at the nearest service station to refill the air, but the machine was out of service.  At the next nearest service station, another driver was parked in front of the air machine, apparently preparing for a cross country road trip based upon the time she spent getting situated before she pulled away.  By the time we fought the line at Starbucks to get coffee and hit the road, we ended up getting there when the softball game was over halfway over.  The team is well coached and much more disciplined than the other teams, and won by a large margin, advancing to the championship game later in the day.  So Valiant Husband and I agreed to stay for the championship game, and in the interim we had lunch and took care of the errand to Knits by Nana.

I have only been to Knits by Nana once before, and in the interim they moved around the corner to a new shopping center (cue the GPS fail).  They still have a good selection of yarns, but they overwhelmed me a bit showing me different yarns and projects I could make, which I was not necessarily interested in.  I got the stamp on my passport, a free tape measure, and a skein of Zen Yarngarden Serenity Silk in the “Country Living” color.




Unfortunately, there ended up being a lightning delay, and after waiting for over two hours we were not able to stay any longer for the championship game because we would get home too late, so we hit the road.  The game finally started about an hour after we left, and all ended well that the girls had another big win so they will advance to regionals in a couple of weeks!


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