Deep South Shop Hop, Stop Three: The Yarn Nook, Lafayette, LA, July 3, 2015


Since I was off of work today for the long weekend for the Fourth of July, and yarn shops will not be open tomorrow on the holiday, Valiant Husband and I made the longest of the excursions today, to The Yarn Nook in Lafayette, Louisiana, just over two hours West of New Orleans.  I have only visited Lafayette once for a wedding, and we were only there for the wedding and to crash at a budget motel.  However, after my experience today I am hoping for an excuse to go back!

The Yarn Nook is located in a small shopping center among other boutiques and has many lovely yarns.  I purchased some Rowan Fine Art and Berocco Folio, which I am looking forward to using, possibly for a shawl and elbow sleeve sweater respectively.  Not quite among items I was specifically looking for, but too tempting to pass up.  I also got the stamp on my passport and a set of post it notes.





After yarn shopping, Valiant Husband took me to lunch at Agave restaurant, where he had been with a group of guys when one of them was visiting for Christmas.  It was fabulous, enchiladas filled with shrimp and crawfish tails and the best white cheese sauce I ever had.  I even got a second frozen margarita to go (this is legal in Louisiana).  And it was flavored with pineapple.  Why did I never before think of flavoring a margarita with pineapple?  Here’s hoping that we will be able to make a trip to Houston soon since Lafayette will be a convenient place to break up the drive and visit both The Yarn Nook and Agave again!


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