Dog Days of Summer, Already

Except for the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win, there has been little excitement in my world lately.  The heat and humidity of the South Louisiana summer has set in, in full force.  Since we did the cruise back in April and we are going to Chicago in September (involving splurges on a hotel room downtown and club level tickets to the Bears game) we don’t have any trips planned to break up the season.  I worked crazy overtime for three weeks straight.  Valiant Husband worked out of town for a week, inspecting the levees outside of Baton Rouge in the aforementioned weather, with a busted work boot.  (This is your tax dollars at work, folks!)

As far as knitting I have been trying to get some things OFF the needles so I have an excuse to put something ON.  With little success.  I have my first sock this close to finished but cannot start the next one because I don’t have the size larger needles needed for the cast-on, on my person.  I even looked back at my blog post from when I started the first sock to make sure of what I did, because I remembered having to start over three or four times during the trial and error process, and I really prefer not to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to.

I am joining an amateur dance group that marches at Mardi Gras wearing corsets and frilly skirts and Marie Antoinette wigs and eye masks.  But since Mardi Gras is not until February there is not much going on with that yet.

In other words, the dog days of summer seem to be here when it has just barely started.  I promise knitting news soon, with lovely pictures including drool-worthy yarn porn.  Right now I am at a friend’s daughter’s softball tournament, in rural Louisiana, waiting out a 90-minute rain delay without book or knitting.  In other words I am Bored Out of My Skull and have little to do except blog about my lack of things to blog about.  Better sign off before my phone dies and I bore you out of your skulls!


One thought on “Dog Days of Summer, Already

  1. Joy

    I know exactly what you mean! My busy doing nothing worth blogging. I have looked back to last summer and it’s like when did I have time to do all that?! I don’t know. Hopefully things get more interesting soon. 😊

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