My Latest Obsession

For the last few weeks, since the birth of Princess Charlotte, I have been able to think of almost nothing else besides my first pattern which I am designing.  Although I suspected from the get-go that the Princess’ lovely blanket was manufactured rather than hand knit, I found photographs in the news articles that showed a close-up of the lace design and figured it would be easy enough to puzzle out the pattern.

royal baby blanket

I have enjoyed this venture into the more technical aspect of knitting and I MAY be inspired to try to create an original pattern rather than one that is reverse-engineered.  I have not so much enjoyed all of the trial and error involved.  I am not sure I would have been able to do it at all, and certainly not as quickly as I did, if I was not working on the Royal Look baby blanket which uses a similar technique to create the lace motifs, and if I had not found the Bunny Foo Foo pattern which also has a similar motif.  First I had to knit a strip with some waste yarn in my stash to fiddle with it and figure out the motifs in the pattern.


Then I had Valiant Husband make some graph paper when I was ready to start charting it out.


I am in the middle of knitting another test strip to get the gauge with the actual yarn and needles so I can determine how many times the motif should repeat and finalize the chart.  I will share a link once I have the pattern available on Ravelry.  I plan to do both written instructions and a chart for the lace panel.  Someone already designed the Well Received blanket and beat me to it, but mine will be slightly different.  Considering that someone had a pattern for the Princess Bonnet within two days, I wanted to be the first person on Revelry to design the blanket, but I have also been trying to get the Royal Look blanket and Love Socks off the needles so I can delve into my stash and start something else.  Too much to knit…too little time.


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