More Yarn I Didn’t Need

The other day Valiant Husband mentioned that he had received a flyer in the mail that the yarn shop was having another sale.  Determined to be a good Megan, I shrugged it off.  I told Valiant Husband I do not need any more yarn right now.  I only have seven large bins full of the stuff, cramping up our back room.  And there several other things I need to be spending my money on before I buy more yarn.  If I were to only use yarn in my stash I probably would not need to go anywhere near a yarn store for about two or three years.  At least.

Then I received an e-mail from Helpful Shop Owner explaining that there was baby yarn included in the sale, along with some other yarns I had been wanting to work with.  This being several days later, the incident involving the flyer was conveniently forgotten by that point.  I decided I had to check out the sale.  Hence, I rushed over after work on the first day of the sale, since this happened to be the one day she keeps her store open after business hours.  Although the baby yarn didn’t turn out to be something I wanted to add to my stash since it was mint green and not enough for a blanket, and I already have some mint green baby yarn in my stash, of course I found a few other things.

There was enough of this Crystal Palace Mini Mochi to make the Ho’okipa Shawl which I have had my eye on for ages.  Possibly.  I was looking for a Hawaiian blue but this might work.  And it really caught my eye anyway.  Owner and I agreed that we cannot understand why the color is called “Blueberry Pancake.”


I have also been wanting to work with Panda Silk and found this neutral tan color that will be useful and versatile even if it’s not the prettiest shade.  It does have a nice sheen.  And I think whatever socks I make with it will feel lovely.  Although cashmere and wool feel so soft and cozy, I think the silk and bamboo content of the Panda Silk will be practical for me since I don’t often need anything warm.


I also found a few colors of Panda Cotton, another yarn which should make some practical socks.  I think I will get some use out of the blue color which might look nice with dark jeans.  There were some socks in my 365 Days of Knitting Patterns calendar that I wanted to make with a grayish color so I got that shade too.  I got four skeins of the yellow color because I might make the Gingko Crescent shawl with it, which I have also had my eye on for ages but haven’t seen just the right yellow that the gingko leaves turn in the fall.  Or maybe not.  I hemmed and hawed over the Panda Cotton at first because I was not sure I liked the texture of it, but for the sale price I decided to try it for socks since the shades available were good sock colors.  I am not sure whether I like it as much for a shawl.  But I could totally work with the yellow color for socks.


Bad Megan…  No more yarn shopping!  I mean it!


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