I’m Back!

I apologize for the long delay since my last post.  I’ve been caught up with good stuff like a week long cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel, Belize and Honduras for my birthday.  A couple of new authors I have been enjoying.  Several projects on and off the knitting needles.  And a husband whose age has finally caught up with him when he flunked the eye exam to renew his drivers license and had to get glasses.  Even though he only has to wear them for driving at night.  He doesn’t understand what it’s like to have worn them since fourth grade!

Anyway the cruise was fabulous and I was ready to jump right back on the boat.  We left from the French Quarter where there was a big festival going on and it was even more fun with all the people to wave to.  The staff made a huge fuss over me for my birthday and apparently it was a very popular birthday because I heard them singing to six or seven other people at dinner.  Valiant Husband arranged for decorations and wine in our cabin and a cake for dessert.  I had no problem lounging around on the days at sea.  And I enjoyed the food and shopping in the ports.


So it was officially the Best Birthday Ever.  Unfortunately the royal baby was ten days late instead of ten days early…I was hoping to share my birthday with a princess!  But I was inspired by the lovely blanket that Princess Charlotte was presented in so I am working on designing my first pattern.  More about that soon.  Goodnight for now!


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