Day at the Races

Yesterday was a break from my usual weekend routine of knitting, watching “Bar Rescue” reruns, and procrastinating on chores, to continue the tradition that Valiant Husband and I have established of attending the Louisiana Derby every year.  This was no hardship considering it was 72 degrees and sunny outside, with no humidity.  We didn’t win any money but we aren’t big gamblers anyway.  We enjoy it more for something different to do, and as an excuse to wear hats!



Back to the knitting and reruns and procrastinating today…  Cut a girl some slack as far as the procrastinating though.  My group was down to two secretaries instead of four this week.  So I filled in for Nervous Ninny who called in a panic asking how late I could stay because she had dozens of things to get out, and worked for four attorneys instead of two and dealt with multiple emergencies at once as well as attorneys who tried to bear with the situation but each still thought his own emergency should take precedence.  Then Nervous Ninny called again on Friday panicking that she was expecting to be out again all this week as well…

Valiant Husband offered to skip the Derby but there was no way I was doing that!


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