Five Rows to Go. And a Bind Off.

Apologies again for my digression over the weekend.  I am back in full force from my non-vacation, despite that Boss Man and Boss Lady still haven’t let up on the workload.  I see more overtime in my future.  Not that I don’t need it, to pay off a brake repair I incurred a few weeks ago.

Anyway, my non-vacation ended better than it began, once the family left.  Valiant Husband and I caught the late flight home since a) it was the lesser of two evils since the other option would have been to take the early flight, and b) it would allow me to go shopping at the high end outlet stores.  We had seen on the resort’s web site that there was a shuttle to the outlets, but we were informed upon check-in that they had discontinued the shuttle but they would arrange for a town car to transport us.  SUCH a disappointment…  Anyway I was a fairly Good Megan and only came back with a few things that I knew I was going to get use out of.

Then Valiant Husband and I had time to complete the trifecta of lunch by the pool bar, drinks at the hotel bar, and drinks and appetizers at the airport bar after the shuttle took us there.  We lucked out that we were the shuttle’s first drop-off and last pickup so we did not have a long shuttle ride.  We also lucked out that there were no delays with our flight, otherwise it might have been quite a feat to drag ourselves into work the next the morning.

I did not get as much knitting done during my trip as I hoped, but I am only five rows and the bind-off from finishing the Spring Lattice baby blanket.  It is still looking like I will have enough to make a matching hat with the remaining yarn so hopefully that will go quickly since I have another commission order for baby goodies.  Former Co-Worker asked me to make a Tea Leaves sweater for each of her granddaughters, one of whom is expected in May.  Hopefully those will go quickly as well.  She asked for specific colors and I had a doozy of a time finding them since she wanted a purple or dark blue for the baby and the pattern called for sport weight which had a very limited selection as far as purple or dark blue.  She wanted a bright pink for the big sister which was easy enough since the toddler sizes called for worsted weight and there was a bigger selection.

But it might have been easier if it was the other way around since I could have found the bright pink in sport weight and the purple or blue in worsted weight a little more easily!  Anyway, I am hoping to knock those out before my next trip and put a little bit of mad money in my pocket.  Enough for a pizza or two, at least.

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick’s Day from an Irish girl (yes, I have an Irish last name to go with the Irish first name and the red hair…even if the red hair comes from a bottle).  Valiant Husband is marching in a parade in downtown New Orleans, but despite the mild weather I decided to stay home since after the weekend and the insanity at work, I needed some down time.  I even justified pizza and wine even though it killed my points on my diet before the week has hardly begun.  Later in the week I probably will not be able to justify it.  But that is later in the week.


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