Having a Meltdown

No good deed goes unpunished.

Another confession:  I hate my family.  After years of therapy I can say this and be okay with it.  And I know it is them and not me.  My current situation is a perfect example of why.

Even though we are not close and I barely have contact with them and there are so many issues (none involving me) that Uncle and his significant other didn’t come, someone decided it was a brilliant idea to have a family vacation to celebrate Grandma’s 90th birthday.  I’m okay with Grandma.  And very glad to still have her.  And Father was going to be paying for us to stay and eat at a swanky resort.  And Valiant Husband was going to be at my side.  So I gave it a chance.

I SOOOO wish I hadn’t.

I have been slammed at work since last Friday.  Last night I couldn’t get any help when I asked Goody Two Shoes and snapped at her and I ended up having to stay at work until 7 pm.  This is not normal for me in order to take time off and now I don’t know what I’m going to do next month when I will be out for a whole week for a cruise.  I even told Valiant Husband to cancel the cruise.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be crappy anyway to be in a crampy cabin where you just have a dinky little shower that is basically over your toilet.  I hate showers (I’m a bath person).

Anyway NOTHING went right last night when I was trying to get out of work.  I ran out of tape.  And paper.  My copies didn’t collate.  I missed the last FedEx pickup and almost got locked out of the building.  By the time I was ready to leave at 7 pm I had to ask Valiant Husband to pick me up because I was in no fit state to drive.  He took me to drop my FedEx at another location.  Then we went out to eat.  It was a nice thought but it ended up not tasting that great.  At least I had lots of margaritas.  Then I went home and finally got some sleep after awhile of being restless.  To heck with packing, or my car which was left at the office.

I ended up sleeping in later than expected and barely had time to pack and forgot pajamas, toothbrush, and razor even though I thought about all those items.  We had to rush to pick up my car from the office and get to the airport and then we had trouble parking because the lot was full.

I immediately got hit with family drama on arrival with everyone in a tizzy to know where everyone else was.  I had about two seconds to check out the room before Mother was knocking on the lousy adjoining door.  Instead of being able to enjoy the room with Valiant Husband it is just a place to crash since Father cheaped out and we have to share a double room with both of my sisters while our parents are in the next room enjoying a king suite with a perfectly good sofa bed, all to themselves.  SOOOO not fair.  And ridiculous to pay $300 a night to crash even though it’s not my money.

To Mother’s credit she did want to let us have the room to ourselves tonight but of course Father wouldn’t hear of it.  And I don’t think my sisters are totally happy either.  And Valiant Husband has been bearing with my meltdown.  But of course it’s not okay for anyone to challenge Father.

I got about five minutes in the hot tub with Valiant Husband before they closed it for the evening.  I’m having another restless night.  I feel miserable.  This is the worst non vacation ever.  Next time I will send Grandma a card.

Guess I’ve melted down enough for now.  We return you to your regularly scheduled Needlebum.  Soon, I hope.


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