Yarn Overload

I officially have more yarn than I know what to do with.  This coming from a yarn addict.

Helpful Shop Owner recently had her clearance sale, which she does about once a year, mainly for yarns which are being discontinued by the manufacturer.  Often it is just a matter of a particular color being discontinued.  Everything is about half price, and she has some buy-the-bag for an even better discount.  It is kind of a free-for-all where you e-mail your order after a certain time and it is first come, first served.  Every year I have been diligent to send in my order right at the appointed time.  The first year I only requested one yarn and got what I wanted.  The second year I requested a whole bunch of yarns and only got about half of them.  This year I requested a whole bunch of yarn and got almost everything.  Thank goodness it was such a good sale.

I got four skeins of Plymouth Boku in this Mardi Gras looking color.  One skein is already on the needles becoming a handy little drawstring pouch that I think might be good as a project bag for socks or other small things.


I got even more of the Boku in this red color.  I am not quite sure what I want to do with it, but I am leaning towards some type of sweater coat.  It seems a little stiff and scratchy.


I also got some Rowan Summer Tweed in this red color.  I have worked with it before and was glad that it softens as you wear it.  I am leaning towards making a cardigan.


I also got some Inca Alpaca, enough to make a sweater.  The marl reminded me of Mardi Gras colors.


I also got some Pure Wool Aran in blue and ivory.  I had my heart set on this, and the particular color combination, to make the Weeruska sweater dress.


Plymouth Encore is one of my go-to’s for baby blankets, and I thought this coral color would lend itself well to a few of the patterns I have, for a girly color.


But I also got some Dreambaby in a mix of DK and fingering weights and colors, for more baby items to be sold in my Etsy store.


I also got some Rowan Kid Classic since it looked like it might be nice and soft and fun to work with.


Enough yarn for you?

I also washed and packaged the two blankets that my co-worker ordered.  So now I can pick the Spring Lattice blanket back up and build my inventory of items available for sale.


Better go start using some of that yarn now…


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