One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Good news — I am still pretty happy with how my first sock is coming along. Knitting Group Friends informed me that I was unbelievably lucky that the heel fit on the first try and suggested that I etch the pattern in stone to be re-used for every pair of socks I ever make for myself. After they informed me that I ought to be institutionalized for doing color work and cashmere for my first socks. (Only ten percent cashmere though!)


You’ll have to take my word for it that the heel fits, because I’m not going to post a picture of the sock with my bare unshaven foot and stale toenail polish.

Bad news — I had to frog the WHOLE. ENTIRE. Baby Cable blanket. I realized it should have been wider so I am redoing it to go up not one, but two needle sizes. Of course I realized this when I was THIS close to finishing it off and picking the Fish Creek hoodie back up so I can finish in time to get some use out of it.

And we aren’t talking about how the Little Lamb blanket got snagged in the wash and I’m going to have to fix it…why do I put myself through these things???


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