Zero Work + One Needlebum = Much Knitting Mischief

Since Valiant Husband generally bails on me over Mardi Gras weekend to go to parades, we usually both take the day off on Monday, the day before Mardi Gras, to make up for lost time, and head to the French Quarter if the weather permits.  This year he was fortunate enough that Monday happened to be a federal holiday which means that he had the day off from the get-go.  I was unfortunate enough that I drew the short straw and had to go in for at least a half day since the three other secretaries in my department had already taken the day off.  I think there was an incident years ago when all of the secretaries were out and the attorneys ended up needing something, so now at least one of us needs to be there for part of the day.  Bummer for me.  At least they ended up not needing anything so I pretty much spent the morning printing out knitting patterns and watching the clock.

When it was finally time to go, we headed downtown and had lunch — my first burger and fries in weeks since I started my diet.  (I’m pretty much considering this week a wash as far as the diet goes.  Back to reality tomorrow.)  Oh my did those fries ever taste good.  Whoever says you lose your taste for it if you stop eating it, they are a big fat liar.

One of the purposes of my trip downtown was an excursion to The Quarter Stitch.


I had visited this shop before and they seemed to have mostly needlepoint and just a few yarns.  Needlepoint is lovely  and I have tried it but I never got as much into it since I found the items I could knit, to be more useful.  So I have never frequented The Quarter Stitch.  But a friend had shared with me over Facebook that the shop carried a cute needle gauge shaped like a fleur de lis, and I decided I had to have one, and I planned on stopping by the store while we were in the French Quarter for Lundi Gras.  I was very glad I did!  They seemed to have much more yarn, with a variety of beautiful colors and textures that caught my eye immediately as I came through the door.  I SOMEWHAT broke my vow of No New Yarn in 2015 for some lovely Dream in Color Smooshy with cashmere in “cranberry melt.”  The lady at the store supported me completely that it was souvenir yarn which did not count.  Everything was wrapped nicely with a curly bow.  I picked up three of the smaller needle gauges that they offer on either a chain or a clip, for my two Co-Knitter Sisters so I can attach the gauges to their Christmas gifts later in the year, and for Knit Addict Co-Worker who wanted one.  They wrapped it up all pretty with a heart, and in Mardi Gras colors!

IMG_1129 IMG_1127 IMG_1128

There is MUCH more to New Orleans than Mardi Gras, and if you ever happen to visit for Mardi Gras or otherwise, it is well worth making the one-block detour off of Bourbon Street to pop into The Quarter Stitch.

In the meantime, until I can start another pair of socks and possibly try the Smooshy, I am very satisfied with how the Love Socks are coming along, once I refreshed my memory that I needed to twist the strands when I switched colors, to prevent a hole and keep the stripes smooth.  Laissez les bon temps rouler!



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