One Woman. One Day. Two New Techniques.

My first pair of socks called for two heretofore unexplored techniques.

First, the Tubular Cast On.

The pattern included a handy link to a web site showing how to do it.  Yay!  Except the link didn’t work.  Fail #1.

I Googled and found instructions for a Long Tail Tubular Cast On.  Looked simple enough.  Yay!  Except something didn’t look right when I actually tried it.  Fail #2.

I returned to my Google search and found instructions for a Tubular Cast On involving the use of contrasting scrap yarn cast on using a Backward Loop method.  I had done Backward Loop before without knowing exactly what it was called.  So when I Googled “Backward Loop,” I realized what it was.  I had Backward Loop under control.  And I had contrasting yarn since my socks call for two colors.  Yay!  So I finally accomplished the Tubular Cast On.  However, it looked like it wasn’t going to be wide enough to fit around my ankle (since I have average size feet but somewhat thick ankles).  Fail #3.

So I frogged all of four rows and re-did the Tubular Cast On using one needle size larger.  Success at last!

Second, the Magic Loop.

Back to Google, I found a web site with just a few pictures that it made it pretty easy once I tried it.  So no sweat there at least.  The need to pull the cord back and forth hasn’t been as much of a bother as I expected, and I think it will go quickly enough once I am past the first 12 rows of the pattern which involve the dreaded 1×1 ribbing.  SO slow.  Better get back to it so I can move on sooner rather than later.  Ugh.


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