More Kitty Cuteness

She decided to use the skein of Tangier and my aunt’s scarf as a pillow.


Valiant Husband and I went to the ball last night. And it was fabulous. But we were out until after 2:30 in the morning. And we are turning into fuddy duddies who can’t do late nights like we used to. So we barely had energy to watch the Super Bowl today. Valiant Husband dozed off through most of it and I kept having to wake him up for the good commercials including one with Brett Farve starting a new business and creating a web site which features a cameo by the guys from our meat market, and I kept having to holler at him to watch the end of the game which got exciting. Anyway I just wanted to share the kitty cuteness. I will have lots of pictures from the ball in my next post. Hope your week gets off to a good start in the meantime!


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