The Littlest Things

Almost done with the Ruched Cardi! I’m still a bit concerned about the fit but I have received reassurance from multiple sources that it looks good. But at the very least, my deviation from the pattern wherein I picked up three stitches for every four along the bottom edge to tighten up the band of garter stitch that is added at the end, seemed to do the trick. I also did the pleats and button bands in the front and it came out okay.

Then I started on the last step involving actual knitting, which is to add an I-cord edge along the neckline. I have done I-cord before but adding it to the edge of a garment was a new technique. I followed the instructions but thought it looked a bit funky even if it did look like the picture. The instructions didn’t say but I figured that you were supposed to knit the last stitch from the I-cord together with the stitch you picked up from the neck edge. Otherwise you would be adding a stitch every row and that couldn’t be right. But I wound up with a line of the other color that I was picking up, and it bothered me. Not so bad if it was being knit in all one color maybe, but it wasn’t working with the Polaris.

Cue the visit to Helpful Shop Owner.

Owner determined that the instructions were not very good. She could see what I meant about the funky line but when I demonstrated what I was doing, she could not see that I was doing anything wrong according to the instructions. She pulled out a book with different cast on and bind off techniques. It said to knit the last stitch from the I-cord together with the stitch I was picking up THROUGH THE BACK LOOPS. I tried it that way. And…no more funky line! (Look at the two rows closest to the needle versus the rest of it).


Problem solved. Although it was the darnedest thing that such a small technique as knitting through the back loops could make such a difference. Yay for Helpful Shop Owner!


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