Sizing it Up

The seaming on the Ruched Cardi is complete.


The finished garment will fit more like this once I gather it up in the front.


I’m afraid it’s a size big but I think I can tighten it up a bit when I do the edging around the neck and along the bottom, and I can make it work. Not that I think it’s a complete disaster. Even if it was, at this point, no way do I have time to make another Cardi.

I also sketched out schematics for my needle cases. Valiant Husband the engineer was duly impressed. I’m feeling good about it. Now he has to help me measure my needles and we can go from there.



I also was glad to see that I am going to have enough yarn to finish the Little Lamb blanket. I adjusted the width of the pattern since I didn’t have as much Pinwheel as it called for. The blankets in the Our Best Knit book are all generously sized so I figured it would still be big enough. I am finishing off the first of two balls of Pinwheel and I am halfway through the blanket. Perfect!

So much easier to get the size right for needle cases and blankets than it is for Cardis. Sigh.


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