Same Ol’, Same Ol’ — Mostly

Really nothing new going on.  Trying to catch up on chores around the house now that football season is over and I don’t have every other Sunday taken up by a Saints game.  Also trying to catch up on work now that Boss Lady has gone to working part time.  Boss Man could keep me busy full time in and of himself.  Started a diet plan and blew my points for the week on the first day.  A streusel muffin for breakfast and double cheeseburger for lunch will kill you if you let them.  Before you have pizza for dinner.  Had a lovely morning yesterday curled up on the sofa with Valiant Husband and both cats.

Still plugging away on both baby blankets, and the Ruched Cardi.  I have less than two weeks left and seriously need to finish the Cardi.  I forced myself to start seaming it yesterday but now I am not quite sure about the next step since it looks like it’s calling for a button band along the front and an i-cord edging along the neck.  Might need another visit to Helpful Shop Owner.  Or I might just try to figure it out after I get a couple of chores done.  Also started the scarf for my aunt.  I’m liking the color transition and since the fiber is mostly silk and cotton I think it could be good for spring.


I have also been wanting a better case for my interchangeable needles, which came in a case which is rather flimsy and doesn’t give sufficient room for the extra cords and joins and stoppers that I acquired as I also acquired the habit of working on multiple projects at once.  Younger Sister made me some needle cases for Christmas a few years ago.  They are very handy for all the odd needles I was purchasing before I finally broke down and invested in a set of interchangeable needles.  She had given me the remnants of the fabrics she had left over.  So I took the remnants to the fabric store and picked the almost-black polka dots with multicolor mums for the outside and the aqua with red cherry blossoms for the inside.  I love an oriental type vibe.  Then I will see if I can make the pockets with the remnants.  I also have two sets of double pointed needles in every size known to Man, both short/six inch and long/eight inch, and I seriously need to organize them since they just came in plastic wrappers so I am going to make a case for them too.  I have some ideas based off of things I saw online that weren’t quite what I needed.  Not to mention I can make BOTH cases for less than it would cost to go online and order ONE case.  Thank goodness Valiant Husband is an engineer so he can help me with this!


Happy Sunday!  Back to the chores and the Cardi for me.


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