To Sock? Or Not to Sock? That is the Question.

Such lovely cozy knitting weather lately.  I did the finish work on the Square Rainbow baby blanket and matching hat with ears, for Uptown Girl friend to give the mother-to-be yesterday at the shower she hosted.  Of course it was a huge hit.  And since Uptown Girl is happy to put in a good word for me (least she can do for me, after I do all that knitting for her), it looks like a couple of the shower guests must have checked out my Etsy store.  Go me!



Since my last post, I have still been obsessing about socks.  I am not kidding about hardly ever wearing them.  Current temperatures notwithstanding, I don’t even wear socks for half the year. Here in New Orleans it is pretty practical to wear open toed shoes basically from the middle of March to the end of October.  If I have been too lazy to polish my toenails I might wear closed toe shoes without socks.  If I ever do wear socks, they are not cozy hand knitted ones.  They are just basic super thin trouser socks.  I grew up in Chicago and never did get used to the temperatures in New Orleans.  If I was still in Chicago, I have no doubt that I would have a whole drawer full of hand-knitted socks with multiple new pairs on the needles.  But the only time I have been cold, since I moved to New Orleans, was almost eleven years ago when Valiant Then-Boyfriend the Mardi Gras junkie convinced me to go to a parade with him on Valentine’s Day when it was about 40 degrees out and raining.  (NEVER.  AGAIN.)  In any case, I think I must have made my point by now as far as the weather in New Orleans and any use I might have for socks.

However, I have these lovely sock yarns in my stash.  I was going to make shawls but I wasn’t finding any patterns that I LOVED if I am going to use either of the colors I have.



A friend in the knitting group said she was the same way about socks UNTIL she knitted some.  She said she got herself a couple of pairs of new Mary Janes and other shoes that would show them off.  I have no problem with a Mary Jane.  Or a t-strap.  And perhaps sometimes hand knit socks would FEEL nice and comfy even if I have them hidden under a pair of boots where nobody could see them.  I mean, I will know I am wearing them, right?

Not to mention, there are some sock patterns that are just so perfectly cute.  And FREE!  Did I say FREE!  I went on Ravelry and saved several designs I liked.  Then I went to download a pattern or two, figuring I could spare $5 to see what it was going to entail to knit a pair of socks.  It turned out that every pattern I was especially interested in was FREE!!!  Yes I said FREE!!!  At that point it was a sign.  It was just being handed to me.  It was meant to be that I should make socks.  I was absolutely and totally justified if I wanted to look at a sock pattern.  So I wasted time when I should have been working, and looked at five or six free patterns.  I’m still intrigued.  But I realized I was going to need some of the smaller needle sizes that the patterns called for.

Cue the visit to Helpful Shop Owner.  I passed GO and went directly to the needles.  I did not look at the yarn.  Well, not much.  Well, okay, I obsessed over this lovely gray tone sock yarn.  But I didn’t buy it!  I just got the needles.  Owner suggested that for starters I should knit one sock at a time using the magic loop method.

Cue the rush home to start up the computer and pull up videos showing how to do magic loop.  It made sense.  However, since I have not physically tried it yet, the jury is still out whether I will prefer magic loop to double points.  It is a pain how double points keep poking into you.  However, I can see where it is also a pain having to pull the cable and needle back and forth to do magic loop.  The verdict will be announced after the jury concludes its deliberations.

Now, I am especially obsessed with the Love Socks.  SOOOO cute.  And perfect at this time of year. One of my local yarn shops has a class to make them next month.  However, it is mid-day on Friday for four Fridays in a row, so unfortunately since I work during business hours I’m not going to be able to take the class. 😦  But at least the pattern was free.  And I can get the yarn to make them.  Does it REALLY violate the spirit of No New Yarn in 2015 that I suggested to Valiant Husband that he could get me the yarn for the socks for a Valentine’s gift?  I mean, if the yarn is GIFTED to me?  And can I really be blamed for my actions if Valiant Husband leaves me to my own devices during the entire Valentine’s weekend, to go to Mardi Gras parades?  The least he can do is cut me some slack as far as getting some new yarn and starting a new project.  Right?

So I guess I answered my own question and I am going to Sock after all.  Help/advice/suggestions/warnings for a first time sock knitter are welcome — bring it on!


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