New Year, New Knitting

I am writing from my fabulous new computer that Valiant Husband and I agreed to purchase after the holidays since my computer was seven years old and was starting to give me trouble with overheating and running really slow (especially when trying to use Wordmill — trying to post from my phone was getting to be a drag since it is harder to add the hyperlinks).

It was a quiet Christmas and New Year’s so I got a lot of knitting done.

I will now need the Ruched Bodice Cardi in less than four weeks.  Fortunately I finished both sleeves by New Year’s.  I told myself if I did that, I was in good shape.  I also got halfway done with the left side of the back.  So I think I will make my deadline for the ball. We are not talking about how the alterations ended up costing twice as much as the gown did. The seamstress is reasonable and that’s just the way the cookie crumbled.

I also have almost finished the Square Rainbow blanket.  Which is a good thing because my friend wants it for the shower on Saturday.  (Thank goodness she works next door which makes things easy!)

On top of that, I started the two blankets that a co-worker ordered after seeing me working on things in the lunchroom.  The first one is a Baby Cable blanket.  I am using I Love this Yarn! in a green tweed.  I had a feeling it was going to go on sale and sure enough it did, and Valiant Husband was kind enough to pick it up for me while I could get the discount and increase my profit margin.


The other blanket is a Little Lamb blanket from the Our Best Knit Baby Afghans Vol. 2 book.  (Sorry I couldn’t find the link to the project on Ravelry).  I am using Cascade Pinwheel in a pretty color which seems to go through all the colors of the ocean.  So I liked the Little Lamb pattern with the ridges that seem to look like ripples in the water.  The picture doesn’t do the color justice, at all!  I had the yarn in my stash so Valiant Husband was happy about that.


In fact, I made an agreement with Valiant Husband that, given the size of my yarn stash, I would not buy any new yarn in 2015.  Five bins of yarns really is enough.  I have so many projects I want to make and I already have everything and I just need to keep making them until my stash is reduced.  I made a few notable exceptions, such as if someone orders a baby blanket and wants a specific color despite my best efforts to push stash yarn on them, or if we are out of town where I can check out the local yarn shop and possibly find yarns that aren’t available at my local shop.

Another exception is that I will still buy patterns.  After all, it will help me use up my stash, right?  I have a tradition that I go out to the bookstore and/or the calendar store/kiosk at the mall on January 1st and purchase my calendars at 50% off.  I don’t miss anything by waiting to buy them since I can’t use them until January 1st anyway and they still have a good selection right on New Year’s Day.  I saw a calendar with 365 Days of Knitting Patterns and could not pass it up.  For less than $8 I got over 100 patterns.  And so far I am liking what I am seeing.  I might even try some socks, but we will see, since I don’t wear socks except when I would have them covered up by boots.  It rarely falls below 60 degrees here in New Orleans.  A person’s tootsies just don’t get that cold.  And I hate to hide those lovely colors and that hard work, under a pair of boots.  However I am tempted to try making socks just to see how to do it.

Happy 2015!


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