Most Deluxe Project Bag

Extended family at Christmas. Gotta love ’em, right?

It has been an ongoing drama since my early years that my grandmother and aunt on my father’s side have a tendency to give me gifts which are things that THEY would like for me, rather than things I would actually like. For the most part they eventually gave up and started giving a token gift with cash. But this year my aunt gave me this:


It is a suede pouch about six by nine inches with a zipper at the top and my initials embossed on the front. Aunt is an executive in New York City and gets quality things from upscale stores in pretty wrapping. But although she seemed disappointed when I said I would use it to hold knitting supplies, I’m not sure what else I could use it for? It doesn’t have a strap or handle or cell phone compartment for me to use it as a handbag. I don’t want to keep cosmetics in it since it isn’t lined to protect the suede in case something might leak. And it’s too big and not fancy enough to use as a clutch. Maybe all the girls in New York City are carrying these, but it’s not quite practical for me.

Therefore it has become the most deluxe project bag anyone would have ever thought of. And I likely could have taken a cash gift and ordered a whole set of project bags, for less than what she paid for this pouch.

Gotta love her. Sigh.


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