The Kitten has Good Taste, or, Photo Bombed Again

I think I have shared a couple of pictures of the white kitten but I don’t think I’ve ever shared a picture of his sister.


After busting my rear end working overtime I decided to splurge on new shoes for the ball, since I never have splurged on shoes to the extent of shopping at Saks, and I figure I’m only going to a ball once in my life. Better to splurge on the shoes than the gown since I’m much more likely to wear the shoes again. And I did already have my gown and got a steal on it. We won’t discuss how the seamstress is going to have to let the gown out…back to the gym for me, ugh.

I did have the whole experience of going downtown to the fancy department store and sitting on the lounging sofa in the shoe salon and the salesman bringing bottled water and trying to ensure my total satisfaction (as in, upsell me), which I needed after the week I had! Even if my budget meant making a beeline for the sale rack and refusing to be upsold.

All quiet on the knitting front. Just trying to meet my deadlines for my current projects. And hoping for a quieter week so I can make some progress!


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