Progress Report. Or, Photo Bombed by a Feline.

Been absolutely swamped at work again. Boss Man and Boss Lady are lucky I like them so well. Had to ask for overtime that I don’t know when I’m going to have a chance to do. Also about to blow a gasket at Pushy Co-Worker. It is not my job to hold her hand and give her a gold star, especially when she is 20 years older than me. Not to mention that Goody Two Shoes Co-Worker wants to talk business when I am on my lunch break. When she had already e-mailed me about the same thing.

Anyway the good news is that Cinderella is going to the ball! We got our tickets and Valiant Husband squealed with glee at the same time I did. Who knew men could squeal with glee like that?

I have great progress on the Fish Creek hoodie but will have to set it aside to make sure I meet my deadlines for the Square Rainbow baby blanket and the Ruched Cardi. Here is the Fish Creek hoodie. The kitty decided he wanted to be in the picture.


And here is the left front of the Ruched Cardi.


It gets pleated along the side that looks a little funky. I am trying to match up the stripes on the right front which is tricky.

And I’m plugging away over halfway done with the third section (out of four) on the Square Rainbow blanket.

Here’s hoping I finish everything in time! Thank goodness no one has been nice enough to deserve a knitted gift for Christmas haha. Or else I would be scrambling on that too.

Explain to me why I can’t just hightail it to the beach until my mood improves?


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