Open for Business!

I, Megan the Needlebum, do solemnly swear not to abuse the privilege of shamless self-promotion on my blog.

However, I’m excited and wanted to share that I finally opened my Etsy store, which has been in the works since this spring when Valiant Husband’s cousin and a friend of hers were visiting us and were encouraging me that I should sell my hand-knit baby items and it would be worth my while.  Over the last several years, there has been a “baby boom” among our friends, and Valiant Husband (or Valiant Boyfriend or Valiant Fiance at the time) and I had an arrangement whereby he supplied the materials and I supplied the labor and our friends received baby blankets as gifts.  He went above and beyond merely financing the venture, and he helped to choose the pattern and he went to the yarn store with me and helped to pick the color.  However, the “baby boom” has died down and I was feeling discouraged that there were patterns and colors I wanted to try, but didn’t have an excuse.  Particularly girly colors.  Not that I’m dead seat on just wanting to use girly colors.  But we kept needing gifts that were either gender-neutral, or for boys.

During the summer, I stocked up on yarn to make baby items and started making a few things.  I finally got my Etsy shop set up in time for the holidays!  Visit Windy Crescent Knits on Etsy to take a look.

Here are the first two items I have available:



I’ll post pictures of new items as they become available!  Wish me luck!!!


4 thoughts on “Open for Business!

    1. meganb1977 Post author

      Thanks! I’m sure I will be sharing my excitement if I make a sale. Trying to spread the word among my friends to start out with and hope it takes off from there.



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