Day Trippin’

While we were visiting my extended family near Detroit, Valiant Husband and I drove down to Canton, Ohio to visit the NFL Hall of Fame, since we were as close as we were probably ever going to get (four hours). Well, it was definitely closer to four hours going there since Valiant Husband, understandably, took the back roads to avoid going through automatic tolls and incurring outrageous processing fees from the car rental company like he did on a previous trip. Rural Ohio was quite scenic! Actually for real…there was just a bit of snow that fell last night, always a novelty for us since we don’t get any at home in New Orleans.

Here were some of the highlights for me, since I’m a Bears fan…

Hanging out with Walter Payton


And George Halas


The Super Bowl ring given to the 1985 Bears


And shopping, since I have limited access to Bears gear in Saints country.


During the four hour drive there, and two hours back before it got dark, I cast on the Fish Creek sweater with some recently acquired yarn (more about that in my next post). I finished the hood and I’m satisfied with it so far. It should be nice and cozy to throw on over other things and hopefully I will finish it before Spring. Among other projects!


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