Stop the presses!

All other knitting projects are currently on hold except for the Square Rainbow blanket which also needs to be finished within a time frame.

Flashback to February of this year, when I added considerably to my stash of yarn by spending my lunch break to raid Helpful Shop Owner’s closeout bin of yarns that were being discontinued. I saw this lovely Rozetti Polaris but didn’t know what I would do with it so I initially passed it up. Back at work I mentioned it to Knit Addict Co-worker and she suggested I could make some type of shawl or shrug to go over a cocktail dress. Once I had an excuse I was back at the shop on my lunch break the next day to purchase the Polaris.


The Polaris went into the stash to be used someday when I needed something to throw on over a fancy dress.  It seemed more suitable for something I would use during the brief cooler period in the winter, and neither Valiant Husband nor I generally have any fancy parties to go to around the holidays, so I don’t have as much of a need for cocktail type attire when it’s going to be cold.  I definitely wanted to use the Polaris, but I had other projects that were more of a priority rather than finding something to make with the Polaris.

Flash forward to yesterday just before 5:00 p.m.  I am minding my own business, doing some tedious work to kill time until the office closed.  I look up to check my e-mail and see one inquiring in the subject line whether Valiant Husband and I would like to attend a certain Mardi Gras ball.  Valiant Husband had advised me early in our relationship that if this opportunity ever arose, I was to accept the invitation first (even without consulting him) and ask questions later.  I rushed to accept the invitation and send the appropriate form to the appropriate person with our payment for the tickets.  Then I advised an elated Valiant Husband that he would need to rent a tuxedo for a certain date.  Then I determined that I would be due for a haircut and color on the day of the ball, so I called to schedule an appointment with my stylist so she could also give me an updo.

Now, Mardi Gras balls aren’t something that just everyone in New Orleans gets to go to.  You have to know someone in the organization.  And even the people in the organization only have so many invitations to share.  Valiant Husband has lived here all his life and was never invited to any balls.  I am not originally from New Orleans and we would have never thought I would be the one with the connection.  Valiant Husband and I suspect we may have been on the “B” list and may have been invited after others sent their regrets to the person in the organization whom I know.  We’ll still take it!

It happens I already had a gown I purchased a couple years ago in anticipation of being invited to another ball by a co-worker who unfortunately hasn’t kept in touch after the firm let her go.  I stumbled across it and went ahead and purchased it since it’s awfully hard to find a gown you like, especially for $50.  (SOOOO not my problem that it was on the wrong rack and they had to give me the discount even though it wasn’t supposed to be marked down that much).  I rushed home to try it on, and it still fit, although now I will need to take it to the seamstress to have a large chunk cut off so that it will fit a person who is barely five feet tall.

The next order of business was to bring the Polaris out from my stash.  I looked on Ravelry for patterns for shawls and shrugs and started leaning towards some type of cropped cardigan.  In January it may be 70 degrees during the day but it is likely to be cooler at night when we leave the ball.  I wanted something with sleeves to put on over my strapless gown.  I settled on the Ruched Bodice Cardi.  It was available in a magazine from early fall of last year, but not on their web site.  Cue the the visit to Helpful Shop Owner, who has every issue of the magazine since the 1980’s.

After I acquired the magazine, Helpful Shop Owner and I looked at the pattern and determined that the back is knit starting from the side seam and the front is knit starting at the bottom.  Which means the lovely color transition of the Polaris would be going in opposite directions on the front and back if I made the Cardi as written.  So we discussed the modification I would need to make to do the back like the front.  Thank goodness I can just follow the instructions to match the armholes on the front and it doesn’t appear to have much neckline shaping on the back that I am going to have to worry about.

Wish me luck finishing TWO projects on a deadline…hopefully since Valiant Husband and I are big time psyched about the ball that will give me all the motivation I need!


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