#epicfail. Partly.

Question: How many engineers does it take to ball up a skein of yarn?

Answer: One and a half. And it takes them over four hours.

I decided to ball up the lovely fingering weight yarn I got at the fiber festival. So I brought out the trusty ball winder during one of our favorite TV shows and Valiant Husband acted as my Swift. We were anticipating a 15-20 minute job, no sweat.


Valiant husband tried to take the blame that he started at the wrong end. But I think the hank was not wound properly. We were less than halfway through by the time it was a huge tangled mess. We decided to start balling it from the other end and called it quits after two hours. On Saturday we picked it up again while watching a movie. We could have cut it at one point and might have untangled it sooner, but I think we were determined not to! At the end of the two-hour movie, success at last.


Yes this is where the Valiant part comes in.

I say it took one and a half engineers because Valiant Husband is an engineer and I am an engineer’s daughter. Although perhaps being married to one now makes me a little more than half?

In other news, I got the yarn to make another Team Colors sweater like the one I was inspired by in my last post.


I plan to modify the Puck Drop pattern to have short sleeves, the team logo on the breast, and the player’s number on the back. I also happened to be having lunch near the boutique on Saturday so I popped in to see if they still had the sweater and how much it was. They only had one, with another player’s number. And it was $99. Sure, it was nice quality, but…I only spent $40 on the yarn to make one that is going to be even better. Do the math.

I finished the Team Colors sweater except for the finish work to weave in the ends and embroider the logo on the breast.


I also started a Square Rainbow baby blanket for a friend who wanted a baby gift. It is a very quick and easy pattern and I like the way the colors are coming together, although I would have picked true rainbow colors for the stripes if I was doing it all on my own choosing.


Happy knitting and stay warm — having a use for the cozy woolies is the up side of the Polar Vortex!


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