One can’t always control when inspiration strikes.

In my case, it struck on Sunday about 45 minutes before the Saints game. Valiant Husband and I found a parking spot, walked down to the food court across from the Superdome where we had tacos, then crossed the street and walked through Champions Square. I noticed a margarita stand and, dragging Valiant Husband by the arm, made a beeline for it. Crowds be d-mned! I was a woman on a mission!

Margarita in hand, I noticed that another girl by the margarita stand was wearing a rather nifty sweater with stripes on the sleeves similar to the Team Colors sweater and Drew Brees’ name and number on the back. I complimented her and asked where she got it. She named a boutique on the other side of town. I Googled them. They were open on Sunday! And until 5 pm! So I would have time to go there after the game.

Then I started thinking the same thing every crafts person thinks. I could make it! Cheaper! And better! Considering that my budget doesn’t exactly accommodate my expensive taste, I try to avoid the boutiques. So I scrapped the idea of shopping after the game.

Instead, after we got to our seats, I downloaded a graph paper program onto my iPhone and started fiddling with plotting out the logos for both of my teams. I realized I could add a small Bears logo to the breast of the Team Colors sweater. It was too late to add a number to the back but that didn’t matter because I don’t have a favorite Bears player. In any case I was more interested in designing the logos than I was in the game, and for once Valiant Husband gave me grief about how much I was diddling on the phone, instead of the other way around.

When we got home and I had access to old fashioned pen and paper, I played around with it some more. I made a test swatch with the navy blue and used a stitch-over technique to make the logo. I will make a few adjustments when I actually put it on the sweater, including a white outline, but I got positive feedback from Valiant Husband and Knit Addict Co-Worker.


We are not talking about the Bears game against the loathsome Packers. Actually after the outcome of the LSU and Saints games we are still not talking about football at all.

I have big plans to modify the Puck Drop pattern to make a Saints sweater with number 9 on the back and the logo on the breast. Valiant Husband is graphing those out for me since he’s an engineer and is handy with things like that. I also have big plans to use the “Saints” color yarn I acquired at the fiber festival, to make a shawl/scarf with a fleur de lis pattern. And I still have the poor bumped Birchbark sweater. Plus a new order from a friend who needs a baby gift.

Too much to knit, too little time. And 30 more rounds on the second sleeve of the Team Colors sweater in the meanwhile.


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