A Bag I Didn’t Need. Full of More Stuff I Didn’t Need.

After seeing all the blogs about Rhinebeck I was wanting to go to a fiber arts festival. I Googled and there actually was one coming up a little over an hour away in a small town outside Baton Rouge. So I sweet talked Valiant Husband into going with me. I told Knit Addict Co-Worker about it and she also sweet talked her significant other into going with her.

Today turned out to be a lovely day for it, and chilly enough to wear the Beau Cloche hat and my purple and gold scarf (since I needed LSU colors with the big game today).

Hindsight is 20/20 and I regret now that I didn’t think to get more pictures to share. So sorry! We are talking SMALL town Louisiana here so it wasn’t a big festival. And mostly it was finished objects for sale rather than supplies to make your own. But it was still worth checking out and there were plenty of nice folks to chat with including people working on spinning and weaving.

We were immediately drawn to the first booth which had quilting. I admired an LSU tote bag but didn’t want to spend money on the first thing I saw. They also had a gorgeous LSU quilt with some tiger pattern fabrics worked in with the purple and gold. When I saw how much they were asking for it, I realized the true value of the quilt my aunt made for us. WOW. We marched on.

We also admired some loopy scarves made just with a crochet chain, and some patio lights made with a glass inside a bottle as Valiant Husband had attempted to cut a bottle before and wondered how the artist did it.

I coveted some alpaca yarn for the texture but passed it up since none of the colors really spoke to me except for possibly some light brown lace weight, and I am not in a hurry to do anything lace weight anytime soon. I ran into Knit Addict Co-Worker and she also coveted the alpaca and said she was probably going to splurge on some.

We admired the items at another crochet booth that had some cute LSU hats, an entire Christmas tree skirt, and some tabletop Christmas trees.

Another booth had yarns from a lady who was trying to clear out her inventory. This nice cotton worsted in a fiery red color was a bargain. I should have enough to make a short sleeved sweater.


There was one more booth with some yarns and I found this fingering weight wool blend that I suppose is close enough to Saints colors. The yarn is charcoal gray and the Saints color is supposed to be black.


Then we went back to the first booth. And they still had the bag. So I had to get it.


I searched on Ravelry on my way home but had trouble finding anything I was gung-ho to make with either yarn. Bummer.

Still a fun day though! Maybe I will go again next year and hope it keeps getting bigger. Not that I’m going to need to add to my yarn stash, at the rate I am going…


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