Color Me Happy

…well, happy with the Team Colors sweater at least!


The sleeve is coming along as quickly as I had hoped. The stationary jogless stripe technique that calls for you to slip the first stitch on the second round of the new color, worked reasonably well. And I am very satisfied with how the colors pulled together. Now I just have to do the other sleeve and the detail at the neckline. Barring Circumstances Beyond My Control, I am still on target for my deadline.

Work is another matter entirely. Boss Lady dumped TWO more monster projects on me and Boss Man’s work is still way behind. As much as I was trying to get things done everything was taking ten times longer than it should have and the attorneys don’t always appreciate that you are in a time crunch even though they HAVE to meet their deadline. I see overtime in my future. Not that I couldn’t use the money. But I get burned out of overtime really fast, and discouraged from my efforts to visit the gym more often. Sigh.

At least I am done for now and sitting at the salon with goop on my head so I can have fabulous hair for the rest of the weekend. TGIF!


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