Ms. Fix It

I’m waiting for the owl to come with my letter that I have been accepted to Hogwarts.

It took me about an hour, but I worked some witchcraft and wizardry and fixed the mistake on the Team Colors sweater.

I let it go while I worked on the body of the sweater. But now that it’s time to pick up the sleeves I had to fix the mistake. I was hoping I could just drop one stitch and go down to the spot and fix it, but unfortunately I did have to take out the whole section because of the way it was interconnected with the raglan increases. I took it one row at a time using a small crochet hook and a stitch holder. It did throw off my gauge a bit, but that will even out. The mistake would have always been there. And yes it did bother me that much that I had to fix it. The one-hour surgery I performed wasn’t as bad as if I had frogged it back to where the mistake happened.

Speaking of things that took an hour, it took me that long to see the bow onto the Beau Cloche hat. The bow was big and rather heavy so I kept having to tack it down more to keep it from being too floppy.

But all of that is behind me! On to the sleeves where I will start adding in the other two colors. I think I will make my deadline.



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