Finding the Time

One of the girls in the knitting group once asked me when I find the time to knit. It goes something like this.


5 pm
Leave work. Go to meeting.

6:45 pm
Leave meeting. Go to Noisy Crowded Coffee Shop for weekly get together of Knitting Group since I feel bad I haven’t made it in a few weeks.

7:15 pm
Finish knitting middle section of bow for Beau Cloche hat.

7:30 pm
Start getting hungry because I haven’t had dinner yet.

7:45 pm
Knit a few rounds of the Team Colors sweater.

8:15 pm
Order a pasta from Domino’s to pick up on my way home.

8:25 pm
Leave knitting group. Get detoured from expressway onto surface streets due to a resurfacing project. Get delayed in picking up pasta. Get hopping mad.

8:50 pm
Pick up pasta from Domino’s. Finally.

8:55 pm
Arrive home. Enjoy pasta which is thankfully still piping hot and lovely. With a glass of wine. And half a glass more to finish off the bottle. Watch World Series. Bemoan that the Cubs have not won in over a century. Neglect further knitting. Neglect freelance work for magazine.

9:30 pm
Take bath.

10 pm
Check score of World Series. Go to bed.


??? am
Notice that Valiant Husband gets out of bed. Roll back over.

6:50 am
Look at clock. Realize it is 6:50 am. Think, “Oh shoot it’s 6:50 am already.” Get out of bed.

7:20 am
Finish getting ready for work. Pull back hair and limit makeup to a swipe of mascara. More time to knit!

7:25 am
Gather pieces of Beau Cloche to be blocked.

7:30 am
Dig through knitting supplies for blocking pins. Remove most supplies from storage before finding blocking pins. Fend off two curious kittens who like to chew on and run off with knitting needles.

7:40 am
Dig through baking supplies for pie plate. Remove most supplies from storage before finding pie plate. Destroy meticulous arrangement which allows all supples to fit in the cupboard. Rearrange baking supplies three times before the cupboard will close.

7:50 am
Soak pieces of Beau Cloche in laundry tub. Dash across house and retrieve spare towel from linen closet.

7:55 am
Bring pieces of Beau Cloche wrapped in towel, into back room which is junked up with knitting paraphernalia. Block pieces of Beau Cloche. Pray they will curl up less once blocked. Dash across house to retrieve phone. Take photo for blog.


8:00 am
Look in freezer. Decide for the third or fourth time that the two Lean Cuisine entrees don’t appeal at the moment. Dig and find a Lean Pockets which I take so I can at least try to be a Good Megan and save on money and calories by not picking up fast food for lunch.

8:05 am
Grab purse and knitting tote. Leave for work. Be thankful it’s almost Friday.


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