Stuff I Didn’t Need

Valiant Husband and I went to the craft store yesterday evening to get ONE THING for my costume for the contest at work.

So of course I came home with this…


and this…


I already have Volume One of the Downton Abbey Knits. Even though I probably won’t make most of the projects in either collection, I was excited to see they had a Volume Two and had to have it. Maybe I can adapt some of the lace patterns. Eventually. When I can quit my day job and spend all my time knitting.

I already have plenty of yarn too. Even though I seem doomed to make a lot of boy color items, the color spoke to me and I had to have it. I think it is remnants from when they were winding the yarn at the mill and didn’t have enough yardage at the end for a complete skein. So I’m not sure how much yardage I have, whether it’s the same dye lot, or what the fiber content is except that it’s synthetic. This should be fun!

Afterwards I did make some progress on the Beau Cloche which I do expect I will finish for Halloween. Hooray for quickie projects!


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