Boldly Knitting

Tailgating before the Saints game while watching the Bears game. Humored the guy who wanted to change to the Carolina game once the Bears were trailing to the loathsome Patriots 31-7 at halftime. Working on the Team Colors sweater. (Yes I am probably the only person on Earth who would make a sweater in one team’s colors while tailgating for the other team). Finally made it to the bottom section where the pattern calls for some increases to shape the garment below the waist. Also completed the body of the Beau Cloche hat last night while watching another wild finish of an LSU game involving an exceedingly foolish play call by the opposing team which resulted in a last minute interception by LSU that prevented a last minute field goal and ensured an LSU win.

Normally I’m not the type of girl who needs a bag at all times, especially when the security agents are uptight about them, but if only it was practical to bring my knitting into the stadium…I’m on a time crunch here!



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