It All Fits

Finally caught back up to where I had to start over from, on the Team Colors sweater.  Went through the bother to slip the thing onto scrap yarn yet again and tried it on. The fit is looking better, fitted but not skin tight.  The looser weave does give it a little more stretchiness.  It doesn’t show up in the picture how the white tank top showed through the navy sweater, and I was a little put off by that, but it can be resolved by wearing a navy tank top instead.


I also finally busted into some Berocco Ultra Alpaca in the Tiger Eye shade.  I couldn’t resist the color while I was looking at the Ultra Alpaca.  I admired the color from the get-go, and when Helpful Shop Owner mentioned the name of the color, I was completely sold.  (The LSU Tigers are my college team — lucky thing for Valiant Husband, I went to a small school which didn’t have a football team, so I had no prior allegiance and I was free to adopt his team).  Although I selected the Ruby Mix for the Toulouse pullover, I also picked up a skein of the Tiger Eye and planned on making a hat out of it.  When Valiant Husband and I recently planned our Halloween costumes, it turned out we will both need hats.  I decided to pick a pattern and use the Tiger Eye and make mine.

Looking for something with a vintage vibe, I found the Beau Cloche pattern.  It is an interesting design worked wrong side out, ending up with mostly purling on the right side.  The big bow is worked in pieces.  It also starts with a band of ribbing worked sideways, with the first stitch slipped along the edge to be picked up for the body of the hat.  I have a large head and thick hair, so I wanted to make the hat just a tad bigger, which I am doing by going up one needle size.  I’m crossing my fingers to an extent that I will still have enough yardage.  Since I purchased the yarn recently I’m counting on it that Helpful Shop Owner will still have the same dye lot if I end up needing it.

After the band of ribbing is completed to the appropriate length, the pattern calls for the ends to be grafted together.  I have grafted before, successfully enough, but never with ribbing.  Hooray for Google search and YouTube videos.  My results were not as ideal as the example on the video but good enough considering that I will put the bow over it.  And the band for the hat fit too!


Now I really need to stop living up to my name, and get some cleaning chores done before dinner.


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