#epicfail. Part Three.

I f-ed up the Team Colors sweater.


I made my increase in the wrong spot. It should have been one stitch over. This is way back when, along the shoulder line, so it’s way beyond the point where I can undo a row or two and get back on track. At first I thought I had MISSED an increase and I was perplexed because my stitch count was spot on. I am sending up prayers to the knitting gods that there is some not-too-time-consuming method of fixing it. Otherwise my Thanksgiving deadline is in serious jeopardy. Planning to call on Helpful Shop Owner at the earliest possible opportunity.

Call me nit picky but since it’s all stockinette this is one of those things that has to be impeccable because every little mistake is going to stand out. So I don’t want to just let it go.

LAST TIME I do the entire yoke of a sweater in one day.

Going to put a paper bag over my head and have a good cry now…



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