Creative Endeavors

Though I don’t paint as a hobby (when would I have time or money after all the knitting?) I have done a few Painting with a Twist classes and have been reasonably happy with the results. This was probably because the teacher will touch up anything you aren’t happy with. Not because I really have any knack for painting.

A few weeks ago I saw that they were offering a “paint your pet” class. I immediately thought of painting my Sweetie Pie who shared my life for over 12 years until last year when her age finally caught up with her. So I signed up and sent in a photograph. I also tried to get a friend or two to go with me but didn’t have any luck.

Yesterday evening was time for the class. When I got there and saw the sketch of Sweetie, it was like I was seeing her for the first time in over a year. The background wasn’t anything to worry about since it wasn’t an exact science. I seemed to do well enough getting the effect of the fur. I knew the eyes had to be just right so I got help with that. When I stepped back and looked at the finished painting I was very pleased and I know it will be something special to remember Sweetie. She was my first pet and best friend and will always have a resting place under our pear tree and a place in my heart that is just for her.


I did feel a little like I was cheating on the Team Colors sweater though. I still haven’t caught back up from where I had to start over…


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