All in a Day’s Work

I have re-done the entire yoke of the Team Colors sweater in a 24-hour period. Yes this was accomplished because Valiant Husband left me to my own devices yesterday from the crack of dawn until almost bedtime. And because I procrastinated on other things I was supposed to have been doing. And yes, my hands and wrists are sore! But the point is that I made terrific progress to get caught up.


When I looked back at the pattern I noticed there is indeed a big jump between size medium and large, of approximately four and a half inches around the bust. If it had been designed for a 38 inch bust it would have fit me. Instead I’m smack dab between sizes. Hopefully my adjustment to the needle size will do the trick. With that big of a difference I’m not confident I’d be happy going up a size on smaller needles. I’m more confident that switching from size 6 to size 7 needles will give me just an inch or two of positive ease so the thing isn’t skin tight. Especially since I was hemming and hawing about needle size from the get-go.

I’d better go rest my knitting muscles now. I’m going to soak them in the bathtub that Valiant Husband had to clean for me since I didn’t get anything done yesterday except to knit the entire yoke of a sweater.


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