#epicfail. Again.

SECOND sweater in a row that did not fit right on the first go-round.  I’m almost at a loss for words.

Once I got to the narrowest part and went through the bother of slipping the thing onto scrap yarn for the second time, there was zero positive ease.  Absolutely zero.  And even assuming it may stretch a bit from wearing it, something tells me it will not be a good idea to have zero positive ease.

What’s beyond aggravating is, yesterday once I joined everything in the round after getting past the placket in the front, went through the bother of slipping the thing onto scrap yarn, and checked the fit over the bust, with the appropriate undergarments, it seemed like it was going to fit.  I was knitting on my merry way.  I was halfway done with the thing!  In one week!  And LSU had won after a crazy ending involving a last minute interception and career-long field goal!  Life was good, nay, great!

What a difference a day makes.

I am in a dilemma because the width on the next size up is an additional 20 stitches, which seems like it would make it a bit too big.  Even though I initially wanted a tighter weave, I think I will try re-doing it one needle size up and see if that gets things just right.  Here’s hoping it will take me less than a week to get back to where I was.

Is 9:00 a.m. too early for a drink?  Considering it’s a Sunday?


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