Painting the Town…and All that Jazz

As much as I am eager to continue on the Team Colors sweater to get to a point where I can check the fit, I wasn’t able to do so yesterday evening.  Date night with Valiant Husband instead.  We had tickets to see the musical “Chicago” and also made reservations and had a fancy dinner beforehand.  He dressed up with a red bow tie.  I dressed up with the Stunning Sunflower shawl that I spent four months working on earlier this year.  (Simple pattern, but a total of over 72,000 stitches on size two needles.  Never again.  At least not anytime soon.)  It is always beyond fun to have an excuse to wear one of my hand knit items and the deep charcoal gray color I used for the shawl has made it very versatile when I want something to throw on over my shoulders.  It doesn’t show in the picture, but I added some iridescent beads at either end to dress it up a little bit.

Back to work on the Team Colors sweater now…



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