Got the call!


The yarn finally came in yesterday! At the worst possible time…

Valiant Husband had to work all day yesterday. Since we had plans for the evening near his work, I dropped him off so I could pick him up when he was done and we could head out.

It was forecast to be a perfect early fall day, so Knitting Group had planned the monthly potluck to take place at the park. After dealing with some chores at home and hoping Helpful Shop Owner would call, I broke down and packed up the Spring Lattice Baby Blanket, picked up beer and chips and headed to the park and found the group. Not five minutes after I had cracked open my beer and started working on the blanket, I noticed that I had a missed call and voice message from the shop’s number.

The group was entirely empathetic about my haste to acquire the yarn. We determined that everyone was planning to pack up about 45 minutes or an hour before the shop closed. So I carried on and had another beer.

When everyone packed up I dashed to the shop and got there ten minutes before close. Helpful Shop Owner had started to fear I hadn’t received her message and had started to lock up for the day, so I was momentarily discouraged until she came running from the back and let me in to take care of business.

At that point I still had an hour and a half before I needed to pick up Valiant Husband. 25 minutes to drive home. Five minutes to add a few rows of blue to my swatch. 30 minutes to soak it to test if the blue would bleed (it didn’t dare). 30 minutes to get gas and drive to pick up Valiant Husband.

I really did want to start the Team Colors sweater last night. But the shops and art galleries were giving out wine. And it was a beautiful day. And Valiant Husband and I have a tradition of attending the event every year. So I couldn’t pass that up even to cast on the sweater. I did mention they were giving out wine, didn’t i?


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