Five bins of yarn. And nothing to knit.

Yesterday I planned on grabbing fast food for lunch.  Usually I try to only do this once a week, as a treat.  I was taking it on faith that Helpful Shop Owner was going to call that my yarn was in, and I was going to use my lunch break to pick up my yarn and hit the drive through on my way back to the office.

No such luck.

I am less motivated to work on baby items at the moment given my deadline for the Team Colors sweater. I hesitate to start the sweater project that I bumped, since if I’m remembering right it calls for the same needle size.

So all the lovely yarn that I just organized is sitting idle, awaiting the day it can become something beautiful and functional. My hands are itching to knit and are ready to grab the keys and head out the door as soon as I get the long awaited call from the yarn shop. Which isn’t going to happen for at least an hour, if it comes today at all.

Whoever said patience is a virtue, was a big fat liar.


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