40 inches of i-cord

I’m in an impatient mood this morning. It didn’t help the situation that I got stuck behind two sets of idiots with fender benders or stalled vehicles on my way into work. I have a 20-minute commute for just this reason. And yes, I’m spoiled.

I’m also still waiting for the navy blue yarn to come in for the team colors sweater. Watching my cell phone like a hawk as it sits on my desk, while I should be more focused on the tasks my bosses need me to accomplish, as much less interesting as they may be. Are the knitting gods trying to force me to be a good Megan and do the (minimal) finish work on the Toulouse sweater before I start the new sweater, when it is still 85 degrees and humid and I’m not going to be wearing the Toulouse for a couple of weeks? I promise I’ll be motivated for finish work as soon as the weather is cooler!

At least I have been able to determine that the orange yarn won’t bleed into the white. I soaked it in water and detergent in a bucket for 30-45 minutes and figured that would make it bleed if it was going to. Helpful Yarn Shop Owner suggested I should test run my swatch through the washing machine and dryer so I will do this as well once I have acquired and bleed-tested the blue yarn. The label says not to, but Owner advised that her customers have machine washed and dried items made with the Cotton Fleece. Worth trying. The cotton content is so much higher than the wool content that it might be okay.

FYI if the color had bled, this would have been a major disaster requiring that I sweet talk Valiant Husband into helping me, unwind the skein into a hank, soak the hank in the bathtub and let it dry multiple times, and rewind the skein, setting back my project by as much as a week and jeopardizing my Thanksgiving deadline. The things we contemplate doing, for love of knitting!

I also started the lace that goes through the eyelets at the neckline. I chose the i-cord option over the shoelace or crochet chain options. 40 inches of i-cord. Thank goodness I have nothing better to do until the blue yarn comes in. Knit Addict Co-Worker agreed that I wasn’t going to be motivated to do the cord at the end when I had the whole sweater done except for the cord. But still, perhaps not the best thing to be working on while I am in an impatient mood…


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