Aside from the fact that I have been able to catch up on some chores around the house, this weekend has caused me no end of frustration.

I haven’t been able to spend as much quality time with Valiant Husband as I would have liked, since he had a meeting on Friday, put in overtime at work yesterday morning and today, and is helping a friend move some furniture this afternoon. 😦

I was excited that, with the Saints game in prime time, I would be able to see the Bears game in the afternoon, against the Packers no less.  Even after a couple of bad plays at the end of the first half, all was not lost.  Unfortunately my excitement was quite diminished after the second interception by the Packers 😛

I was equally excited to swatch for the Puck Drop sweater so I can be ready to go when the navy blue yarn comes in.  The colors are looking great together and I think it will look even better with the navy blue.


Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting my gauge right.  It calls for 19 stitches and 28 rows = four inches on size 5 needles with worsted weight.  However, the Toulouse pullover called for the same gauge on size 7 needles.  So I knew size 5 couldn’t be right, at least not for me.  When I purchased the yarn, Helpful Shop Owner suggested that the gauge for the pattern might reflect Continental style knitting which she has found comes out one or two needle sizes looser.  I judged from my experience on the Toulouse pullover where I used size 7 but it seemed a tad loose.  So I swatched using size 6 needles.  Swatch was four inches long.  But 1/8 inch short on the width.  So I swatched again using size 7 needles.  Swatch was four inches wide.  But 1/8 inch long on the length.



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