Yarn Goodies

I really don’t need any more yarn.  I mean, REALLY.  I have five bins full of it, cluttering up the back room, and a note on my to-do list for the weekend to actually organize my stash to keep the same type of yarn together in one- or two-gallon size Ziploc bags.  Most of the yarn is for specific projects.  The problem is, that I can get obsessed with a project and buy the yarn quite quickly.  Unfortunately I cannot complete projects quite as quickly, even though I usually have something in my hands when I am watching TV and even though I usually knit on my lunch break.

So of course I bought more yarn recently!

Knit Addict Co-Worker and I have had our eye on the Paton’s Denim-y for baby items, ever since she received an e-mail advertising it.  We have been looking to see if Michael’s or Joann’s or Hobby Lobby started carrying it, since we were not in a huge rush and we were trying to avoid shipping charges.  We ordered a bunch of other yarn for baby projects over the summer and we haven’t used half of it yet.  But then the Denim-y went on sale.  So even with shipping charges, how could we resist?


I ordered the medium blue color and the pink color, and Knit Addict Co-Worker ordered a blue and a tangerine.  She couldn’t wait and already started working with the tangerine, and I admired how it was knitting up.  But I need to be a Good Megan and get the Spring Lattice baby blanket off the needles before I think about another baby project.

The Denim-y has an interesting web-like texture that is different from the twisted strands of most yarns.


I also decided I was obsessed with the Puck Drop sweater and even though I had bought yarn five weeks ago for a project that I was equally obsessed with at the time, I decided to bump that project in favor of the Puck Drop.  According to my calculations, if I can complete a sweater in six to eight weeks, I can finish both the Puck Drop and the bumped project during the course of the fall/winter while I will be able to get some wear out of them, before I turn my attention to more spring/summer type garments.  I am an NFL fan rather than a NHL fan but the Puck Drop could lend itself to any team colors, and Valiant Husband commented that it reminded him of football sweaters from the early days when they wore leather helmets and nobody followed professional football.

As I have a dual allegiance between the Chicago Bears (by birth) and New Orleans Saints (by adoption), I had a doozy of a time deciding which colors to use.  I am not sure if I want to make two of them.  But I could not find another pattern I liked equally well so perhaps I will, depending how much I enjoy making the first one.  Ultimately I decided to do the Bears colors first.  I love the Saints colors, but working with black is a complete pain in the rear because you can’t see what you’re doing.

Considering that I just have one sleeve left on the Toulouse pullover and expect to finish it within the next week, and considering the possibility that a sufficient quantity of the right color(s) would need to be ordered for me, and considering that I am trying to finish the Puck Drop to wear for the Bears game on Thanksgiving day, I went to the yarn shop on my lunch break yesterday.  I decided to make the sweater out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  Sure enough, she only had three skeins of the navy blue color.  We hemmed and hawed but checked how many skeins I used for the Toulouse pullover since the gauge and the fit of the body are similar, and determined that I had better get four skeins.  So it was ordered and expedited.  I did go ahead and pick up the white and orange colors so that in the meantime I can swatch it, try washing it to see if the colors are going to bleed, and make the lace to go through the eyelets at the neckline.  I went ahead and allowed myself to swatch yesterday evening while Valiant Husband left me home alone, and for this project I was satisfied with how the yarn knitted up.  I think it really will be like an old football sweater.


Now I had better go clean house so I can justify some knitting time!


2 thoughts on “Yarn Goodies

  1. cdog5

    I so wish I could knit! My mom taught me years ago, and now I’ve forgotten (so I guess I could still learn). Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog — and I’m going to suggest to a friend (who doesn’t normally read blogs) to check yours out, because she loves to knit and is always looking for ideas. Thank you! 🙂



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