#epicfail, Part Two

First of all, I went to a knit-in on Saturday at the National WWII Museum. Awesomest place ever for a knit-in.


It promotes a campaign to distribute scarves through the VA hospitals, although everyone mostly brings whichever project they’re working on.

Unfortunately I did not get much knitting done. After being a Good Megan and doing some finish work last weekend on a few baby items, I started a new baby project which is a blanket in pastel ombré with a lattice pattern, in an effort to have one baby project and one project for myself going at the same time so I can work on whichever one I’m less frustrated with. The blanket pattern is very simple with only four different rows, two of which are where you purl back, and the other two rows alternate between two yarn overs and three yarn overs in the lace panel. They even warn you about watching your yarn overs and counting them. But I thought, “This pattern was written for an amateur! I’m an experienced knitter! I’ve got this!”

Apparently not.

I started out chronically forgetting my yarn overs. No biggie. I could pick it up and knit on. But eventually I noticed as I was going across the row that my first two panels had two yarn overs and the rest of them had three. I though I had messed up only a couple of inches back but I could not see the mistake for the life of me. So I put down my knitting at the knit-in and just got nosy about everyone else’s projects. Later, I began frogging thinking I would have to go all the way back, but after a couple of inches I checked and lucked out that the yarn overs were matching up. So I was back in business on the blanket.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the Toulouse pullover, which I did not work on as much over the weekend. I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback. And I suppose I’ll still feel fabulous wearing it. And I’ve frogged the thing enough already. But it still bugs me that there’s a mistake.


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