After knitting diligently all week and procrastinating on things I ought to have been doing, I got the Toulouse pullover to a length I liked and started the ribbing at the bottom. And wound up one stitch off. >:-|

I looked at my waist shaping and didn’t see anything off. Or any dropped stitches. Or stitches picked up in error. Neither did Knit Addict Co-worker. I may still have Valiant Husband take a look since he is an engineer and they are precise like that.

I attempted to disguise the error by doing a P2tog at the end of the first row of ribbing. Knit Addict Co-worker assured me she couldn’t see it even though she looked close and knows what to look for. She told me to carry on. But I know it’s there! I can see it! (Kind of). But I’m not sure I REALLY want to frog again. If I only had to go halfway back to the underarm I would frog. But I’d be going all the way!

If my stitch count is a multiple of three I can do K2P1 ribbing and it would look intentional and like I didn’t make a mistake. But I don’t think I have a multiple of three.

LAST TIME I get impatient and neglect to count my stitches at crucial transition points. Grrr…


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