Rippit Rippit

Current Project: Toulouse Pullover

Ahh, frogging. NOT! What is it about having to go back and do over, that elicits deep and heartfelt sympathy from one knitter to another? Maybe only a knitter can fully understand the amount of time expended and how much more quickly things can be unraveled. A full week of work? Gone in sixty seconds.

On the other hand, re-doing does seem to go more quickly than the original go- round did, either because you are familiar with it, or because you are motivated to catch up, or both.

Five more rows left until I at least get back to the transition point where I move the sleeve sections to scrap yarn and my rows are shorter. By Friday it should be back at the point where I can try it on. In case that doesn’t go better than I did last week, I will not be held responsible for my behavior.


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